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How to sell your home for the best possible price, in the quickest possible time.

Not only is this book an essential read for anyone in the property world, whether you are an estate agent, property developer or home stager, it is also the perfect guide to support you, the home owner through the selling process. It will help you to understand why staging your property is necessary to release your homes maximum potential today whilst perhaps it wasn’t as important a few years ago.

Home staging is about creating market appeal for a property and in essence is a marketing tool that can be taught! 

The book equips you with the skills and knowledge to get your home ready for sale using our unique 7-step ADDRESS process. It helps you to understand your market, find your ideal buyer and demonstrates how to create a home that will sell quickly, using tried and tested home staging techniques. It is packed with Elaine’s experience in the field and explains what she has learned about the ‘whys’ and the ‘hows’ of selling a home as quickly as possible for the maximum financial gain.

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Introduction [1]

1          Marketing Property In The Twenty-First Century [7]

The property market in the 2020s vs the 1990s [8]
Then vs now [9]
Internet property portals [11]
The impact of social media [14]
The impact of photos and videos [15]
Creating the win-win-win [17]
Why is selling fast so important? [20]
In summary [24]

2          The Importance Of Presentation [25]

The rise of home staging [25]
Home staging vs interior design [27]
What is the benefit of home staging? [28]
Our unique ADDRESS system to Sell High, Sell Fast [30]
The seven steps to ADDRESS [33]
Assess [33]
Declutter [34]
Decorate [35]
Re-imagine [36]
Emphasise [37]
Stage [38]
Sell [39]
In summary [40]

3          Assess [43]

Why are you selling? [43]
Who is your buyer? [48]
How much work needs to be done? [53]
Assess outside too [56]
In summary [58]

4          Declutter [59]

Why can’t people see past my stuff? [59]
Clutter [62]
Sorting your belongings [64]
Smells don’t sell [67]
In summary [71]

5          Decorate [73]

Refreshing tired decor [74]
Colour [75]
Accent colours [82]
Tricks with colour [84]
Woodwork [85]
Repairs [87]
Kitchens [88]
Bathrooms [89]
In summary [90]

6          Re-Imagine And Emphasise [93]

Re-imagine – creating functionality and flow [93]
Functionality outside [97]
Emphasise – selling the lifestyle [100]
Three main areas [101]
Vignettes [106]
Focal point [107]
Balance [109]
In summary [111]

7          Stage [113]

Stage or drop? [115]
How do the numbers stack up? [116]
Empty properties [121]
Virtual staging [125]
In summary [127]

8          Living In A Staged Home Until You Sell [129]

Mind the gap [130]
Living in the ‘show house’– minimal work, maximum impact [133]
The big clean [136]
Pets [138]
Packing for your move [139]
Storage pre-move [141]
In summary [142]

9          Sell [143]

Choosing your agent – online vs high street vs national [144]
Speeding up your sale post-offer – the right solicitor [146]
Referrals [148]
Choosing a professional property stager [149]
Professional photography [152]
In summary [155]

10        Sell High, Sell Fast, Move On [161]

Top three vendor problems [157]
Seven mistakes vendors make in theirthinking [158]
Seven mistakes vendors make in their actions [158]
Why are these actions mistakes? [159]
Solutions to enable you to sell high, sell fast, move on [161]
Useful Resources [163]
Acknowledgements [165]
The Author [167]


‘Elaine is a home-staging expert who uses science and highly-credible research to inform her professional work. Her book is a masterpiece of expert advice, straight from her own experience as a highly-respected, professional home-stager. She has been incredibly generous with her expertise and has presented it in an easy to access and informative format. A must-have for every home-mover.’
— Jayne Dowle, freelance homes and property journalist

‘Elaine is one of a kind. Extremely experienced, diligent and professional, she is a source of invaluable knowledge and committed to inspire others. In her own refined way, she shares her immeasurable knowledge and her views on property marketing, making this book a must-read for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of how to sell their home well.’
— Paloma Harrington-Griffin, Founding Director of the Home Staging Association UK & Ireland and Vice President of the IAHSP(R) Europe (International Association of Home Staging Professionals Europe)

‘This is an absolute must-read for anyone selling property and looking to get the best possible price. Elaine has written something unique, which is conversational in its style so you feel like you’re having a coffee with her and she is imparting her knowledge to you. It is easy to read and has fantastic insight, practical knowledge and knowhow. The reality is we have to speculate to accumulate and that is what Elaine is telling us to do. I feel like this book could come with a money back guarantee because if you follow it then you just can’t fail to massively capitalise on selling your property.’
— Zahra Pabani, Partner, Irwin Mitchell LLP

‘Staging is so important for property marketing these days. Sell High, Sell Fast gives you insight to all the tricks to help you sell your home faster. Working with Elaine and her team is fabulous, this book brings her expertise to the wider audience.’
— Lee Armstrong, Partner, Fine and Country

‘Home staging has the power to completely transform a property, changing a prospective buyer’s perception of how much they like the house. If nothing else, a room with furniture helps to provide scale and a better sense of space. This book is a step-by-step guide to why, when and how to achieve amazing results yourself or engage the services of a professional so that your sale stands the best possible chance of achieving the highest price in timely order. Great work!’
— James Walker, Director, Country Department, Savills (UK) Ltd

‘This book is everything your estate agent wants you to know about how to present your property in order to get great photos and video before you sell. Read it, it works!’
— Martyn Baum, Director, Martyn Baum Consultancy and former President of the National Association of Estate Agents