Track your home staging projects to evidence the return on investment of staging a property for sale

Our brand new data app, Stageflow provides estate agents, property developers and home stagers with data collection and reporting tools to evidence the benefits of home staging a property before sale.

The data app is an exciting new piece of technology which came about after, as a home staging business, we noticed the significant gap in the market for a data-driven platform to house the statistics and reports necessary to prove the return on investment of staging a property before sale.

The benefits of home staging are often undervalued and without a tool to evidence the fantastic results home staging can achieve, the industry struggles to prove the absolute necessity for home staging.

Estate agents, developers and home stagers can use the app to download real-time text and visual reports that are filtered by date, location, property type and sale price – these reports can then be used to inform marketing materials, sent to potential clients and shared on social media.