This week marks our 3 year office anniversary and I am sitting here wondering where all that time has gone! When I started my journey with Lemon and Lime my office was in Elaine’s study at home working alongside the family cat. Little did I know things were about to take off and I would find myself at a desk in the middle of lovely Melbourne with 5 other colleagues.

A few months in and our team grew, we expanded quickly as work began to pick up. We raised our profile and have since held an office launch party, been involved in local Christmas shopping events, Melbourne Festivals and a charity coffee morning. We have ventured out to many trade shows sourcing the best furniture and accessories and rented a local warehouse to store it all in.

It was hectic at first, arranging installations, ordering and checking all of the furniture had been delivered and making sure it all got on the van on the day. It was particularly worrying when we arrived at one house and the sofas were nowhere to be seen! I remember the installation days where I would complete my 10,000 steps in the first few hours running up and down stairs, in and out of bedrooms figuring out where everything was to go. They say that you best learn a job by doing every role and I can happily say I have been there and done that! Its amazing to see how far we have come and how smooth the installations are. Nothing is too big or too far for us, we love a challenge and that’s what keeps our jobs so interesting.


Building up relationships with agents and clients at the start was tough but as homestaging has become better known, more and more people are understanding the need to do it to get the best sale. As more and more homestagers come on board, the word has spread and now agents require our service to help them to win the business. Instead of searching for business, the business is coming to us more often.

In over the 3 and a half years I have been with Lemon and Lime I have been involved in homestaging over 250 properties varying from declutterings to fully furnishings! Let’s see what else is in store as Lemon and Lime continues to expand and grow!