One of the conversations we often have with estate agents at the moment goes along these lines; ‘The market is really good for sellers, there are far more buyers than sellers around. I don’t feel we need to recommend staging, it’s just an additional cost my vendor doesn’t need’.

And, of course, the agent telling us this is right. The property will sell anyway and probably quite quickly while there are so many buyers around.

BUT staging isn’t just about getting a sale, it’s about getting the BEST sale possible, not just good but great. So how can staging help?

Reason #1

Most vendors and agents understand these days that if a home looks fabulous on the property portals from the moment it is launched then it will attract more viewings.

More viewings = more potential buyers = competing offers = higher sale price

Reason #2

Your vendor knows the market is very good and is pushing you to put their home onto the market at the very top of your valuation range. You know that the top of the range price is achievable in the location but only if the presentation is amazing and you get lots of interest.

Great presentation = confidence in achieving higher valuation

Reason #3

There is not much good stock coming onto the market currently. Every vendor is interviewing at least 3 agents and you are constantly having to compete for the little new business there is. Having a trusted staging partner is your USP. It will help you win instructions and justify a higher commission because your vendor understands how much you care about them achieving their best sale from the very first conversation you have with them.

Offering added value with a clear USP = wining new instructions

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