It is well publicised how important ‘kerb appeal’ can be when marketing your home. But it is not only the kerb appeal that is crucial, the entire garden is central to the appeal of your home.

pinWhen selling your house, it is easy to focus on the interior and forget about the importance of the garden. The amount of time and detail spent of the interior of your property should mirror that spend on the exterior if you want to achieve the best results and get the best price for your property.  For many people these days the garden is considered to be an extra room offering vital family space for dining, chatting and playing.

An interesting article written in the Daily Telegraph as long ago as 2013 discusses how important gardens are when placing your house on the property market, with two-fifths of Britons saying they would not buy a property unless it had a nice garden. A well maintained garden can add the WOW factor by increasing its saleability and helping it to stand out from the crowd on portals such as Rightmove or Zoopla.flower1

If this is something you feel you need help with, as part of our service Lemon and Lime Interiors can recommend what work is required to achieve the best results for your property without spending unnecessary costs. We can source a gardener and coordinate and manage the work so you won’t need to worry about a thing. Find out more here.

If you would prefer to do it yourself, these are our top tips for making your garden the most attractive before your sale:

Plan ahead

Plan for a professional photographer to come and take pictures when the sun is out and your garden is looking great. Be organised and open up windows and patio doors to make the space feel larger and show off your beautiful garden. Hopefully it will be a nice day!

ponLast minute jobs

Before potential buyers arrive, pull out obvious weeds, make sure flowers look healthy and watered and that your lawn is short. Don’t forget to clean your windows so viewers can see your beautifully maintained garden from inside.

Kerb appeal

The first thing your viewers will see after the estate agent’s photographs is the front of the house when they drive up. Sweeping the path, trimming bushes and neatening the lawn can help set the impression of the house for the viewers and make a massive difference. Remember to take viewers through the front door so they can appreciate the beauty of the front entrance and not the shabby side door which may not be in such a great condition.

Colour burst

Brighten up dull gardens with seasonal bedding plants bought from a local garden centre. Strategically place pots near doors and windowsills to add a homely touch. Hanging baskets will help to draw the viewers eye away from ugly finishes or damage to walls. We often use faux flower arrangements in properties as they look stunning and don’t require any attention or watering so you can guarantee they look great for every viewing!plant

For details on where to buy our faux flower arrangements see – Glenis Johnson Designs Facebook page.


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