As I scrolled through the latest offerings on Rightmove this morning I felt my blood pressure rising – a familiar story to everyone who shares an office with me! There are some fantastic properties available but as always I find it so hard to understand why some houses are shown in such a poor light. It’s no wonder that a good proportion are not selling, and I don’t think that’s all down to the market being somewhat challenging at the moment.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of properties which are well advertised, their presentation shown off really well by professionally taken photographs. However, there are some properties which really stand out to us here at Lemon & Lime due to the poor quality of the photography. Why would anyone who owns a property, whatever its value, allow it to be advertised in such a way?

I’m convinced some agents rush around a house taking photographs with their phones, desperate to get a property on their books without giving much thought to the end result. Not only do they affect the value the property in a negative way, but they showcase their business in a poor way too. Do vendors realise how important the presentation and photography are, and that they can make the difference of thousands of pounds?

Doesn’t everyone want to achieve the best possible price? The cost of some professionally taken photographs is a tiny proportion of the value of any house and yet can add on thousands of pounds.

I know that some vendors will choose their agent based on the lowest fee – times are tough of course, but do they not realise that in most cases a low fee doesn’t incentivise their agent and leaves no budget for good marketing?

90% of buyers search online – you have one chance to appeal so make sure you grab their attention. The Home Staging Association says that buyers spend 2 seconds on an ad without a photo and 20 seconds with a good photo. I recently read an article written by a purchaser who said he’d taken his own photographs of the house he was buying to show his family as he was too embarrassed to show the ones taken by the agent. He added that he’d bought the house at a good price as he didn’t think anyone else was interested in it because it looked so dreadful in the photos.

Don’t let that happen to you! We offer a Speed Staging service along with professional photography – please do get in touch with us for more information about how we can help you sell your property for as much money as possible.

Article written by Kate Foster