Every employer wants to have a dream team, but creating the perfect homestaging team can be tricky when there isn’t a clear model. When Elaine began the business back in 2015, she had a background in teaching Maths and a mission to change the way houses are sold. Combining the two, she set about staging some of her friends’ houses with much success, the business was formed.

The team has grown, we now employ 5 full time staff each bringing different qualities and experience to the job.

Kate brings her estate agency background to the team. With years and years of working as an agent involving lots of property research, Kate knows a thing or two about the market! She has a long list of things which experience has shown her turn off buyers. Her particular hate is flowery pelmets!

Hannah joined our team with a love for interiors but a degree in French and Italian! She fits perfectly into her role of sourcing furniture and choosing colour schemes appropriate to the houses we dress. She and Annabel work alongside each other bouncing ideas off each other and working out how the furniture will be positioned in awkward rooms and tying together colour schemes. Annabel’s previous experience was in hotel bookings, again a complete career change for her!

Last but by no means least, Kirsty is in charge of making the projects happen. She came to us with a background in marketing but quickly found her feet in organising the logistics of each installation and ensuring quick turnarounds. A big change from her previous role in a major bank where the days didn’t have nearly such variety!

We are very much looking forward to welcoming two new members to our team in the next month. Mark, who will be in charge or our stock and Harriet who will take over our administrator responsibilities. Beth has also recently joined the team working as a consultant in Scotland. She came to us with a background in primary teaching and a love for interiors, so we are excited to see what opportunities arise once she has found her feet.

One thing we were all quick to learn is that homestaging and everything that is involved is required quickly! Clients don’t want to wait around for us to source the perfect Laura Ashley sofa to match their decor, they need a transformation which will help their property to sell, and fast! This is how interior design and homestaging are two different things. We are selling the lifestyle the house offers, not an individual look.

Elaine will tell you that her first priority in recruiting new staff is that they have great people skills. Many of the jobs we do are challenging not from the point of view of getting the right presentation for a house but in managing the emotional change most people face when moving. With every property comes a new story, every person is moving for a reason and those reasons vary from wildly happy to terribly sad. The whole team has to understand the full complexity of moving not just the nuts and bolts of staging, to do the best job in every circumstance.

Perhaps we are an unusual team, no-one having a background in interiors but we know it works for us. More than anything we all love the challenges of working together in a small team to make moving house a great experience for our clients.