Guest post for Howkins and Harrison

It’s a new season and there are some exciting new interior styles to attract your winter buyers! Freshen up your decor ready for selling in the season ahead.

Many people believe that the summer season is the best time to sell, but this is not necessarily the case. With less properties to compete with and serious buyers on the hunt, winter can be a good time to sell your home. In addition, with the uncertainty around Brexit next spring, our advice, if you are thinking of selling in the next 12 months, now is as good a time as any other.

Preparing your home for sale during the winter months requires a little more creativity to ensure you get the same great results without the summer weather. A successful sale is almost invariably these days about selling a lifestyle as much as the ‘bricks and mortar. People want the houses they view to look like the pictures they have been drooling over on Instagram. Trends change and evolve depending on different seasons and so, to help you, we have put together our top tips for getting your home looking amazing ready for sale in the chilly winter months.

Winter 2018 interiors trendsWinter furnishings

Chunky knit cushions, faux fur cushions and luxurious throws create a cosy warm feeling in your living room and bedroom. Keep the wall colour light and add colour bursts using accessories and soft furnishings. Dark greys, charcoals, navy and bottle greens are great colours to create a focal colour in your room and give it that moody atmospheric feel which is very on trend at the moment.


Winter 2018 interiors trendsFurniture style

If you have a lot of existing dark wood furniture, instead of buying new, make it work with the rest of the room. Bring in some modern pieces to help pull the room together in an eclectic style. We have used this look across a number of properties and it has such a great effect without a major price tag.



Light it up

Consider how your lighting looks in each room. Winter 2018 interiors trendsYour house needs to be bright and well lit for viewings which helps to demonstrate the true size of the space. Pull back curtains and open blinds to make most of the natural light but also, think about creating a winter ambience by using additional lamps which can be put on occasional tables around the room. We find big floor lamps work well for adding more light and also work as a great statement piece for a room.


Winter 2018 interiors trends

Bathroom zen

When decorating your bathroom, we find that relaxing neutral earthy colours help to create a calming spa like relaxation zone in any bathroom. Make sure the shade you choose through your walls, suite and tiles complement your door handles and knobs. Adding plants and greenery will help to tie in the colours and freshen up the space, we love using orchids or succulents to add life to the bathrooms which we dress for sale.


If you are thinking of moving house and need your house looking amazing ready for winter or you’re just after some interior styling advice, contact Howkins & Harrison for a free no obligation home valuation. Contact us for more information: 01332 987740.