People often ask us if vendors are offended when we are asked by an agent to advise on the presentation of their homes. The answer is that vendors are rarely offended but some can be little resistant. As we know, the UK has been slow to cotton on to the benefits of home staging, but once vendors understand that we aren’t judging their interiors, they are more open to taking advice. After all, what we are trying to achieve is a better return on their investment. Estate agents at the top of their game will always advise their clients to have their homes staged – they know it makes good business sense for all parties concerned in the sale.

We never make any judgement about how people choose to live in their own houses – we’re only interested in the outcome of the sale. We just want to help a vendor, and their agent of course, realise the best price in the quickest time. How someone lives in a house may suit them, but it may not appeal to buyers. A good example would be a nice big 4 bedroom house lived in by a couple who rarely have guests to stay and so have spread themselves across the house. They both want their own workspace and so have decided to use a bedroom each as a study. They may also have used the 4th bedroom as a dressing room. When it comes to putting that house on the market, a house with 4 bedrooms is going to appeal to families and so it makes sense to have all 4 bedrooms looking like bedrooms. We don’t want buyers having to use their imagination – there will be plenty of other 4 bedroom houses out there competing for their attention.


When we look at a property from a buyer’s perspective it needs to make sense to them. Each room needs a very clear function and the function of each of those rooms needs to be relevant to the buyers most likely to be interested in that type of house. We look for all the positives in a house so that we can hi-light them, and any negatives soon become less of a problem.

Many vendors only look at their property from their own perspective, and how they live now. They forget that when they bought it 20 or so years ago, they used it in a different way to how they live in it now. So assessing who might buy the house is very important.  They might also be under the illusion that every property sells eventually, regardless of what it looks like, or what state it’s in. That may be so in some cases, but we can guarantee those vendors will be hugely disappointed with the sale price, as they’ve more than likely had to reduce it, and the time it took for the house to sell.


There’s a long list of things which can put buyers off – clutter, out of date décor, bad smells, poor condition, colour, lack of flow, dirt, poor functionality – we don’t mind what the problems are as we’ve usually got an answer for most problems!

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