At this time of year the property market can get tough. Many potential purchasers go quiet not wanting to consider the upheaval of moving just before Christmas and anyone thinking about coming on to the market will wait for the Spring surge.

But what about the properties which have been on the market through the autumn and haven’t yet accepted an offer? Agents will be talking to all of these vendors in the next few weeks. There are big decisions to be made, is it better to come off the market over the Christmas period and relaunch, perhaps with a new asking price in the New Year? Or is it better to stick it out knowing that there are always a lot of people searching for their new home on Rightmove in the downtime over the holidays? In this instance the agent may also suggest a price drop so that the property appears refreshed on the property portals but the drop required to trigger new price alerts is 2% so not a decision to be undertaken lightly.

Our advice, whether you are waiting to list until January or considering a price drop, is to speak to us first. We have many case studies of using our expertise in professional property presentation to avoid the price drop. We often recommend that a property which hasn’t sold, is taken off the market for a short period. We will help with any necessary redecorating, de-cluttering and other presentation issues to relaunch with a much improved look to attract a wider range of new potential buyers. The cost of our service is more likely to be under 1% of the asking price and certainly nowhere near the drop an agent will suggest. For a detailed case study of a home we dressed this time last year click here, his is one of several similar stories on our ‘Inspiration’ page and we have lots more!