We were recently involved in the rapid sale of a property situated in a lovely village near to Ashbourne. It had been newly renovated with 6 gorgeous bedrooms and offered stunning views over the surrounding countryside.

The property had been on the market for around a year with no interest. Due to the renovation and the subsequent relocation of work for the vendors, the property lacked a lived-in feel. The walls were plain and furniture was minimal. We understand that it can be very hard for prospective buyers to visualise themselves living in such a large property and it can be hard to work out the purpose of each room unless it is fully furnished.

Four new agents were asked to comment on the reasons for the property not selling and all but one recommended a big price drop. The fourth suggested that we became involved and left the price untouched. We re-organised the layout to ensure the house flowed correctly and each room had a purpose, rented the vendors some additional furniture, pictures and accessories to complement what they already owned and new photos were taken. They spent less than 10% of the price drop suggested by the other agents in re-presenting the house.

Once the property was ready for re-sale a successful offer was received within 6 weeks at almost the asking price! No price drop was necessary, simply much better presentation.