Homeowners thinking of selling in 2019 should start preparing their homes for the Spring market now, in order to make the best possible impression on buyers. With Brexit creating nervousness in the market, sellers need to go the extra mile to make their property stand out.
There is still a lot of movement in the property market, with demand from house hunters up 8% year-on-year, and the supply of available properties also up by 20% between November and December.

Here we have suggested some tips to help you get your property prepared:

Sort through each room in your house splitting into piles of; skip, store, show. Tackle one area at a time. You will start to see the difference when targeting one area rather than moving from place to place. Maybe start with a full drawer or a bookshelf, then work your way onto the full room. Split the room up into manageable chunks and work your way around from corner to corner. House viewers won’t want to see your mountains of dirty laundry or boxes of old magazines and holiday trinkets!

Agents don’t often recommend decorating to sell your home, however this time of year with the sun coming out, any imperfections or grubby bits will really stand out.
Spruce up your paintwork and tired walls with a fresh coat of paint. Keep your paint colours light and neutral to enhance the space. If your kitchen is looking dated, freshen the cupboards up with a light paint colour or replace the doors if they are damaged, it’s amazing what an effect it can have.
Complete the repair jobs which have been on the agenda for weeks (or even years!). Buyers won’t want to see broken bulbs, handles falling off or your wardrobe doors hanging from the hinges, they will see these things as a sign that the property has not been cared for and will start to look for bigger problems. This may put them off altogether or lead to them making a low offer.

Spring clean
It may seem like a cliché but ‘spring cleaning’ is important! Bad smells are one of the single biggest turn-offs for prospective buyers. Don’t try and mask the smell with heavy sprays, fix the source of the smell by cleaning bins and drains, opening windows, washing bedding or even changing carpets. Clean your windows and window frames, hoover, clean appliances and clean the bathroom as this will help the house look great for your potential buyers and eliminate odours.

Outside space
It is usually tricky making your garden look bright colourful and attractive at this time of year but with the unseasonably warm spell in February, you can definitely give it a spruce up, mow the lawn and give the whole garden a general tidy.
Front gardens and entrances are very important. Buyers will approach your property from the street or down the drive and this will be their very first impression of our house. They don’t want to see weeds, moss and overgrown bushes so make sure these are tended to. Once inside you could show them photos of how your garden looks in the summer to demonstrate where the sun hits and how beautiful the flowers look.
If you have outdoor furniture and cushions, set them up as if it is summer for your photography. It will help to set the scene of how long summer days could be for prospective buyers.