Has the current crisis made you begin to re-evaluate what you need in a home? We know, from our many conversations with estate agents, vendor clients and with our friends that so many people, stuck for weeks in their own four walls have realised that their perfect home is not so perfect after all. Many people believe, I think rightly, that life will be changed forever by what has happened since early this year. More people will work from home more often, more people will take the possibility of dramatic life change to effect bigger steps towards climate change more seriously and we may well have several recurrences of a life locked down before the threat of Covid-19 disappears.

What does this mean for our homes? More people will be looking for homes where both partners can work from home. In a home working environment that probably means two office spaces. Many of you will have experienced the chaos of two partners in the same office with a scheduled Zoom call at the same time. I lasted a week in our office with my other half before I converted a spare bedroom!

Children need a separate playroom or school room if this occurs again. It isn’t feasible to have older children studying in an office where a parent is also working, they need online access too with video sessions for lessons. Younger children need space to paint and play without the need to tidy up before tea or before the rest of the family can sit down to enjoy a film. We all need more space to exercise at home space for a small gym is ideal, or perhaps room for a pool or table tennis table to let off some steam and provide some fun away from a screen.

And what about outdoors? I told a London friend that over the Easter weekend when the weather was glorious, we went camping. She was horrified to think we had broken the law so blatantly until I explained that we simply took a tent, and the pizza oven, to the little wood at the bottom of our garden and camped out there. The nearest property is quarter of a mile away, as is the nearest road. No threat to anyone, and waking up to birdsong and the sun streaming into the tent each morning made us feel like we had had a week in the south of France.

Do houses that offer all this exist? And don’t they cost crazy money? And aren’t they all out in the sticks with no internet, lots of mud and the nearest theatre a hundred miles away? Actually no. not one of those assumptions is true. As a property staging business we work with many lovely country properties that offer all this and more and not one of them is anywhere near as expensive as a three bed terrace in Richmond! We will be sharing our pick of the crop over the next few weeks to help those of you that need any more convincing choose your perfect home for life after lockdown.