Around Easter is a popular time to launch a property to the market and so buyers have got a bit of time now to make sure their properties are looking their absolute best before they are photographed and launched onto the market for all to see. Below we have shared some inexpensive ideas of how to make your home seem more contemporary, spacious and light….but above all, achieve the best possible price.


It can be hard for prospective buyers to visualise themselves living in a property that is filled with a lifetime of someone else’s possessions and memories. We suggest sorting through each room, deciding what you no longer need, what you would like to store and items you think would be good to show. This can be a hard process but being as strict as possible will help you in the long run when it comes to packing and moving.

Top tip: Try to limit the amount of personal items left on display to make it as easy as possible for buyers to see your house as their ‘new home’.


Is your paintwork looking tired and in need of a refresh? Does the décor seem dated or speak of your own decorating tastes? Bright coloured walls that you find attractive might be off-putting to buyers who don’t want the hassle of redecorating. A quick coat of paint is an inexpensive way to breathe a new lease of life into your home. Stick to neutral colours, they will make the room look lighter, brighter and modern. Even if your colours are neutral, give everywhere a coat of paint where the walls are marked from everyday wear….. viewers will leave feeling like the house has been well looked after.

Think neutral

Replacing dark or unfashionable carpets can come at a hefty price. Placing a large neutral rug in the middle of the living room is an inexpensive way to brighten the space and hide any marked or threadbare areas. A quick trip to Dunelm or The Range for a neutral throw and some decorative cushions is a cheap and cheerful way to give an old sofa a face lift!

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Using mirrors to give the illusion of space and light is one of the oldest tricks of the trade. Hang one above a fireplace, over a sideboard, in the entrance hall or opposite the doorway into a small room and you will find the room already looks bigger and brighter.

Refresh linens

Replace bright bedlinen with clean white sheets, or better still buy big white bedspreads that cover a multitude of sins. They will instantly make the room look more contemporary and best of all, they don’t need ironing!


If all this sounds like hard work, it is! But it definitely pays off. We have lots of stories of homes being on the market for months, deciding eventually to enlist our professional help to advise on presentation, making some simple changes like those above and securing a sale almost immediately without changing the asking price. Do what you have time to do for yourself and if you find you need an extra magic touch, we can help! Our initial consultation is free of charge, and we often simply give vendors a few hints and tips on how to get their homes ready for sale.