OK, so we have to make a plan. I have to work at home and get my head round maybe not going out again until Christmas, at least. That’s tough. I am utterly useless at sitting still. I spend a couple of days most weeks in London, networking (AKA drinking coffee/wine and chatting). I drive an average of 500 miles a week in addition to that, visiting client sites and new estate agents. Quick Elaine, make a plan, it’s not optional you just have to do it…..
I ran the business from home in the early days, I can do it again. First, create home office. Steps to creating home office:
1. Lob large leather sofa out of the window

2. Steal son’s desk from his bedroom while he is still at Uni (he’ll be glad it’s only his desk, last time I needed a bed to go to a property we were staging – well, he wasn’t actually sleeping in it at the time!)

3. Sneak into my ‘real’ office under cover of darkness and sneak out with my laptop, two monitors and the bank login cards (bank login cards actually never made it out of the door….hopefully they are still on someone’s desk?)

4. Set up computer at home, light log fire, put on coffee machine. This is so civilised, maybe I can get used to this.

Rob (my other half) comes home, ‘darling won’t it be lovely, we can share an office now we both have to work at home’

My version of an office …

Rob’s version of an office…

I think I may need a new plan….