One of the disadvantages of living with someone with Cystic Fibrosis is that they cough. Often. As a mother of a 20 year old CF cough I can describe her coughs in almost as many ways as a wine connoisseur can describe wine – dry, fruity, with a hint of acidity…. Once, when my daughter was asked by a ‘new-to-the-profession’ doctor how long she had had her cough, she said 15 years. That wasn’t what he needed to hear as he brandished his shiny new stethoscope in her direction!

That alone means some days are scarier than others. The days when the cough is present and I also have to screw up my courage to look at the business cash flow tracker are not my favourite days just now!

Well, the cashflow tracker says that we can pay all the wages and all the bills this month even if nothing else comes in – phew. Thank heavens my bookkeeper had the sense to instil so much discipline into us as a business that we actually know exactly where we are at any given moment. Top tip in scary times – even though it’s hard, even though you want to bury your head in the sand, make yourself know exactly what’s coming in and going out for the next three months. Some things we can’t control, control what you can. The nightmarish, nocturnal wanderings of my insomniac mind can be put to one side for a few weeks on the business front at least.

As for the cough, that seems to be subsiding with normal measures – a 12 km run followed by breathing exercises, ‘normal’ drugs and a huge pizza! We can breathe again today!