We’ve talked a lot today about home office working and how everyone is finding it. In our house we have to have some rules because there are two of us working in the office and my daughter is ‘working’ in the kitchen. She has Uni assignments to do, so she says. In fact, she seems to spend most of the day on Facetime with her mates – I can’t argue, she tells me it’s for the good of her mental health!

So, the rules we have agreed on (there are several more we haven’t yet agreed, but I’m working on it!)

• Anyone entering the office for work purposes must only do so once they are fully dressed in suitable work attire

• The office opens at 0730 and closes at 1730 each day. No working will be tolerated outside these times

• The C-word can only be used from 0630 until 1800 and anyone speaking about it for more than ten consecutive minutes will be banned to the woodshed to work

• Breaks are compulsory, coffee is at 1000, lunch at 1230 and afternoon tea at 1530

• No alcohol to be drunk in the office before 1130 under any circumstances (if you need to drink alcohol earlier please go to the kitchen)

• Phone calls are to be taken in another room in the house so as not to disturb anyone else working or pass on industrial secrets

• Bringing wood in for the log burner is Rob’s responsibility

• Making cake for Friday coffee is Elaine’s responsibility, in spite of her crazy notion that women shouldn’t be stereotyped into traditional working roles

There is a lovely line in a book I read many years ago by Leif Enger, I don’t remember it exactly but to paraphrase, ‘Routine is the antidote to anxiety’. We are falling into a clear daily routine now, we home-gym at 0630, work til 1700 ish with the rules applied, walk the dog for an hour, eat and watch a film as a family. I feel more cheerful and sleep better than I have in ages. Maybe there are some lessons to be learned for when life returns to a relative normality?