Good days and bad days – the weekend was interesting.

Good day:

The government announced help to cover wages for staff who may otherwise be made redundant. What an amazing job this chancellor has. Every chancellor in history up til now has been unpopular, having to impose tax rises, budget cuts and austerity measures. Rishi Sunak has the job of giving away money like confetti! What a nice chap! Such a relief as a small business to know that there is help available should we need it. I’m sure that will help many business owners focus on adapting their services for the current conditions and not worry quite so much about whether they have to lay off their loyal staff without being able to pay them. Grants and wage support, thank heavens!

Bad day:

Me; ‘How was your friend when you spoke to him last night’

Daughter; ‘Oh, I think he’ll be ok, his mum thinks he has coronavirus’

Me; ‘O   K   and he was with you when you all went out the night before you came home?’

Daughter; ‘Yeah, but he’s fine. Don’t stress Mum’

I have often wished that that when you have a diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis with your tiny baby they would give you a handbook of ‘How to be a CF parent’. You just think you have it cracked, and then you realise. You’ll never have it cracked.

Focus, keep it simple Elaine. Priorities:

  1. Keep everyone alive
  2. Keep business going
  3. When in panic mode, see no 1