What a week it’s been! Crazy times settling in to working from home with Rob, my other half in the office. My plan at the weekend is to have a massive office clear out and reorganisation. Like most people, I imagine, we moved into the office at home and started working flat out to set up new systems and decide what was possible for the business. I look around my desk and any areas not being picked up as my video call background, and they are piled with books and papers I have moved to make more space! Great look for a home staging business – not. It will give me some good ‘before and after’ shots though! I’ve done some learning, both practical and personal this week.

Lessons I have learned this week….

  • How to screen share on a Zoom call – very useful, I’ve just been through a whole extension development with a client and seen her plans from every single angle. Architects do such an amazing job with the tech. I am able to offer our normal service by looking at layouts and talking through the liveability of the space. Now we’re doing on a screen share and chatting it through rather than doing around the big table with everything laid out in the office.


  • More make-up than normal is necessary on video calls and when making videos for social media. I found a lipstick in the cupboard that I wouldn’t normally wear for the office, but it doesn’t disappear in front of the camera. I think I might experiment with a whole new look. All fine until I haven’t been to the hairdresser for three months, that might be the main influence on the look a bit later on in the summer!


  • Don’t help your 20 year old daughter make her Will. It’s emotionally shattering, and it takes days to recover. Before coronavirus happened, the Cystic Fibrosis drugs were beginning to dramatically change the landscape of the condition for sufferers. This feels like a body blow to all the progress and the more optimistic future we had been allowed to glimpse.


  • Remember to laugh. I had a lovely moment this week chatting to a friend about my new vegetable patch. We spent a lot of time together when the kids were little and we remembered this week about our boys, now 26, when they used to sit together like two little old men in the dirt pulling up carrots, wiping off the mud with their equally muddy fingers and stuffing them into their mouths. So lovely to reconnect with really happy moments at times like this.


So onwards, we have done two full weeks of working at home and not venturing into the outside world now. Realistically we are gearing up for the long haul. The reality for families like us is that until a vaccine appears it won’t be safe to go out. I might even get the book finished!