Unbelievably, we are now into week 3 of isolating or ‘shielding’ as it has now become. Because my daughter’s Cystic Fibrosis means that she is in the group of extremely vulnerable people, as designated by Boris, realistically we can’t go anywhere either for fear of bringing infection back into the house. I don’t mind not going anywhere really. We live in a beautiful part of Derbyshire with access to a lot of outside space. What I really do mind though, is the stress of food shopping. Something we take for granted in a normal world has become massively stressful both in getting food to the house, and then making sure it is safe to put into the fridge. Many people with CF, including my daughter, struggle with food at the best of times. The condition impacts the digestive system as well as the respiratory system and ‘food is weird’. Not a good time to be accommodating food challenges.

On Saturday, my friend, Poppy’s godmother, offered to drive up from Oxfordshire with groceries because I was so upset by it all. Apparently, where she is, the queues to get into the supermarket aren’t two hours long and sometimes there is even food on the shelves when you get in. I am shocked at how quickly it is possible to revert to being on the bottom rung of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs from being someone who has rested firmly at the top for so many years. Thank heavens for our local farm shop who are being absolute stars.

I am hearing so in the business groups I belong to, about using this time to be innovative, to think through new ideas and to flourish through change. GGrrrr! I will start to flourish when Sainsburys, Tesco or Ocado decide that they will deliver to people who, through no fault of their own, simply can’t get out!

I am trying to take the whole experience as a real lesson in how to take care of our friends, family and work teams. If they can’t get the basics sorted, then it is no good at all expecting them to perform in the workplace. Just because they are intelligent, organised, self-sufficient people normally you may, as a leader, have to adapt your expectations. This crisis is resetting balances so fast we barely have time to draw breath. For now, my vegetable path is becoming a critical part of my life. I am determined not to be worrying about buying vegetables by June. Anyone have a bread flour plant I could take a cutting from please??