Last week, week 3, I started out feeling pretty down for all the reasons in my last blog. Lots of practical things, normally so easy, were proving to be almost impossible. I’m not known for my patience at the best of times so when things aren’t going well…..!

The end of the week was much better and this week has been pretty good. We’ve been in self-imposed lockdown now for four weeks. I sent everyone in the business home a week before a lot of businesses because of our personal circumstances. The weeks haven’t yet seemed less busy than normal, I am still working flat out!

We have got to a stage now where the important decision of the week has been how to preserve cash flow without knowing how long we are in this situation. I have furloughed four of my seven strong team as of Monday with another one to be furloughed next week. Inevitably, I have found that decision hard but speaking to other entrepreneurs they have all found the decision to furlough their staff much harder than their staff have found it to be furloughed. My most difficult conversation turned out to be the necessity of apologising to the one team member who I need to stay. I felt more anxious about telling her I need her to work full-time on only 20% more pay than the rest of the team who are at home watching Netflix. Very tricky, that wasn’t in the book of ‘How to be a Manager’! I’m sure we’ll work it out, she and I are now secretly planning our four day working weeks ensuring that we still have full office cover!

What have I learned this week?

  • My team are amazing! (I learned that over again) they have all pulled together to tidy things up while they are on furlough and have taught Kirsty and I (mostly Kirsty, I turned out to be a bit of a lost cause!) to do their roles too
  • I’m terrified of being alone in the business, I have no idea how to post on Hootsuite, tag a sofa and enter it into the inventory or send out a newsletter through Mailchimp
  • Easter is my favourite holiday in the whole year! 4 days off when no-one else is working and so no guilt about taking time out – sounds like I may have some thinking to do on my work addiction when I finally get time!

Have a great Easter. Look up all our blogs and top tips for making your home a really lovely place to enjoy while can’t venture out.