Gosh, where does the time go? Two more weeks of lockdown just disappeared. Am I the only person still buried in work projects I intended to start when we went into lockdown? I seem to have been busy with the every day, blogging, keeping up with our lovely clients, chatting on the phone, drinking endless virtual coffee on Zoom. I don’t yet seem to have got to my ‘big planning projects’.

I thought I would get these projects done in no time, given that I still come into my (home) office at 830am and don’t leave until 530pm. Oh, except when my other half drags me screaming and kicking into the kitchen at about 1pm. Apparently, in his corporate world, lunch is a thing. Everyone has to stop and take a half hour lunch break. Weird. What happened to realising at 4pm that you’re starving, missed lunch yet again, and shovel in any old rubbish you can find in the cupboard – chocolate left over from the last time the kids were home, cheese Rob sneaks into the fridge when he thinks I’m not looking so he has ‘beer snacks’, half an Easter egg I hid at the weekend so I wouldn’t eat it…..

Furlough seems to be going well. We have a full team catch up a couple of times in the week and we do virtual Pilates together once a week. I am very envious of everyone else at home gardening, painting and baking. I thought about furloughing myself, a bit pointless really on two counts. Financially, like most directors, I pay myself a minimum wage on PAYE and secondly, I have far too much to do!

My daughter, the one with cystic fibrosis, and the reason I will be in lockdown for months yet, is bored. We cleared out another bedroom for her at the weekend so she could spread out. She appears to be making outdoor bean bag covers out of old sails. The sails are massive and wouldn’t fit in her room. Thank goodness none of her siblings are home and so she has space to create. I’m secretly hoping she will soon get bored enough to scan a some of our remaining paper files into our electronic folders, I think that may need to wait until we are still all at home together this time next year!

So, my plan for the next couple of weeks is to

· Get the final draft of my book ‘Sell High, Sell Fast’ to the publishers -woohoo, really excited about that one!

· Look at how we can cover our full geographic region more efficiently post-lockdown, now we are all used to working on video calls how can we make the most of this?

· Start running again – I was supposed to be doing my first Ultra marathon, round the Isle of Wight, next weekend. Not my crazy idea, something I agreed to in a crazy moment. I injured my knee then coronavirus hit. I’m hoping my knee is mended but I haven’t run outside yet, fingers crossed it works!

Stay safe and working on those house projects, if we can be of help with advice and top tips then get in touch. Keep following us on social media, even I am learning some amazing tips from my team!