Day 1

D-Day, or the day I started to take notice of all the media and global anxiety about the personal impact of the pandemic…..

I’m not a big worrier, and the nature of an entrepreneur is to be pretty comfortable in the discomfort of taking risks on a daily basis. As a result, I am sometimes a bit slow to jump onto a train labelled ‘Panic’, BUT…

Firstly, day -1, my very ancient cat died. So already I’m on the back foot and mostly in tears.

So, day 1, I am in Selfridges on a planned day off with my friend, shopping for my mother-of-the-bride outfit. (Another source of anxiety, my chilled daughter has potential to become Bride-zilla under the uncertainty of not knowing if her wedding can go ahead in July.) Technically, we weren’t yet shopping, we were toasting the long and happy life of my cat with champagne. It was nearly 11am after all!

No 2 daughter, (no 4 child, 2 of each, great planning!), phoned. I actually thought she must be spying on me and was doing that gen Z disapproval thing of a baby boomer parent – ‘champagne at 1100, oh mother, we are SOO disappointed..’ But she wasn’t, for once.

‘Mum, I’m coming home. Uni has closed.’

‘Ok darling, that’s lovely, drive carefully, see you tomorrow’

Shit, shit,shit. Life thrown into turmoil. My daughter has Cystic Fibrosis. I run a small business employing 6 people. Coronavirus is coming to get us.