Your hallway can often get overlooked, let’s face it, it’s not a room where you spend a lot of your time and it can often get buried under heaps of winter coats and shoes. However, studies on Rightmove have found that 2 in 5 homeowners decided that they wanted to buy the house before they had even got past the hallway. It’s time to start showing your hallway the TLC it deserves!

Our Top Tips to make your viewers fall in love from their first entrance:


  • De-Clutter– Your hallway can become a dumping ground for all manner of things like coats, shoes, bags and even bikes. Have a tidy up, put away items that are not needed, add a shoe rack and some coat hooks or a stand to store your belongings



  • Light- Hallways should be light and airy; this will make the space feel bigger. Cleaning windows or adding a mirror can help make the space feel lighter and brighter


  • Smells- Ask a friend to be honest with you. Does your home smell of dogs, damp or cigarette smoke as soon as the front door is opened? We have to address all of these problems and it is never an easy conversation but an unpleasant smell is the single most likely cause of putting your potential buyers off immediately. Get rid of any bad smells and then make your house smell inviting to buyers by brewing some fresh coffee or lighting a gorgeous candle


  • Paint- A fresh lick of paint on the walls in a neutral colour can make the worldpic2 of difference, the walls in the hallway are by far the most likely in the house to become scuffed, muddy and generally tired as everyone passes through this space. New paint will make the hall feel and smell bright and clean, always a good impression!


All these things may seem very small but together they will make a huge difference when welcoming a potential buyer into your house.


Call us if you would like help with the professional presentation not only of your hallway but throughout the whole house, to ensure everything is ready to attract your perfect buyer through the door quickly.


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