Many of you will know that one of Elaine’s earlier careers was coaching sailing. She grew up on the coast in Norfolk and for many years was lucky enough to coach in many different countries. She has seen first-hand the tremendous benefits sailing can bring to both physical and mental health. As a business we have supported the RYA Sailability branch of our local sailing club, Staunton Harold for several years. Staunton Harold Sailability Trust is a registered charity offering sailing and waterborne activities and experiences for children and adults with any form of disability. It is a completely voluntary not for profit organisation.

Once again, we have decided to contribute towards the continuous work of the trust instead of purchasing Christmas cards and gifts for our colleagues and friends. As a business we are proud to support a local charity which during a challenging year has provided a much needed lifeline for the families involved.


SHST has continued to encourage vulnerable children and families to go sailing. The volunteers have had the added challenge of not only ensuring safety on the water but also managing the ever-changing Covid guidelines to sports. The Trust found it important to give as many families as possible the opportunity to get out and do normal things to take their minds off the day-to-day struggles and lockdowns. In the summer they were able to achieve this and managed to get a large number of sailors out on the water.

Our donation last year enabled SHST to provide full club membership for one talented young sailor. Lily lives with cerebral palsy and her sailing membership meant she had support for both her mental and physical health throughout the year. She has been able to sail most weekends which was not only great exercise but all of the mental challenges of sailing allowed her to see real people, to interact with them and to discuss some of her anxieties. She has also been faced with the big step of starting University and through her sailing friends has been able to take some comfort from hearing how others adjusted to university life and being away from home. Lily has thrived despite the situation, made a new circle of friends and has settled into university life happily.


“Sailing can make a huge positive difference to young and old alike, the very generous donations allow us to carry out this work involving not just Lily but many more.” Mark Harden, Chair Staunton Harold Sailability Trust

To find out more about the great work done by the volunteers at Staunton Harold Sailability Trust, or to donate, visit their website here-