In this digital world the first port of call for house hunters is usually searching on Rightmove or an equivalent portal. It is possible to look through hundreds of poor quality images, taken without care or attention to the detail of what is being shown.

It is at this moment that the buyer will make instant decisions on whether they like the house or not. With so many properties on the market it is essential to make your house stand out and great photography will certainly get people through the door.

Kings Newton House PH-35

Once Lemon and Lime have helped to home stage a property and make it look its best ready for market, it is important to get professional photos taken to get the best results and showcase each individual room in detail. This is where a professional photographer is essential. The average cost to photograph a 4 bedroom house can be as little as £200 + VAT, a small cost when measured against the price of the house, to get the finished result.  When spending time, effort and money getting the property looking absolutely perfect, it would not make sense to settle for anything less than great professionally taken photos.

Waldley House WEB PH-40

Recently we have worked on a number of properties we have prepared for sale with Jon Holmes.

Based in the Midlands, Jon Holmes aims to create bespoke property images to showcase your home to its very best. With a true eye for detail, Jon will stage, compose and light an image to entice potential buyers to come and view a property.


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