We are continually purchasing new furniture to put into our properties whilst ensuring to keep up with current trends. This month we have selected our top 5 pieces which we find work really well in a lot of properties.


1.Charcoal Armchairs

These studded armchairs work perfectly in this open plan living space. The mustard cushions with grey detail help to pull all the colours together and complete the look.


2. Wooden cross back chairs

These stylish dining chairs work perfectly in this kitchen dining area. We team them with a variety of dining tables and find that they work great in numerous properties from old to new.


3. Large circle mirror

A beautiful statement piece which looks great in any entrance hall. The mirror helps to bounce light around the room as well as working as a place to check your hair before you leave for work!




4. Glass desk

Modern, sleek and stylish! This minimalist desk provides a great place to catch up on emails at home. The simple design means that it’s hard to keep clutter!


5. Mirror Cube Bedsides

These cubes add an elegant luxury feel to a bedroom. Whilst helping to reflect light around the room they also fit with almost any bedding and headboard which is a plus point if you don’t want to change everything in the room.



All of the furniture which we use to dress our properties is available to purchase.

Please email hello@lemonandlimeinteriors.co.uk to enquire about prices.