Following a fantastic, hot surprise of a summer this year, it is now time to fold away the beach towels and bring out the woollies! Conversely though, as summer temperatures cool, the housing market starts to hot up for the autumn months.

It’s time to get your home in tip-top condition, made easier perhaps by the kids returning to school and finally being able to create some order from the chaos! If you plan to sell before Christmas and are hoping for a quick sale, starting to prepare for your photos and viewings now is key.

We have had a busy summer here at Lemon + Lemon Interiors. As ever, we have found that ensuring your home looks its absolute best before marketing will give you the best chance of a speedy sale at a good price. It will also put you ahead of the competition in your area in a similar price bracket.

home styling bedroom home styling bedroom

Lemon + Lime’s top tips for making an impact:

  • Think carefully about the décor in your property, when did you last decorate? Are the colours fashionably neutral? Do any areas look tired and need freshening before photos? We advise sticking to plain white walls and avoiding strong, bright colours when decorating, this can all make the difference between selling at your asking price and being beaten down because it ‘looks like too much work.’
  • Clear the clutter, it’s a delicate balance but try to achieve a de-cluttered look without creating a clinical space. People buy homes not bare walls!
  • Refresh your cushions, they get flattened in the general run of everyday life! Amazing the difference a quick trip to Dunelm or The Range can make in brightening an old sofa!
  • Replace bright bedlinen with clean white sheets, or better still buy big white bedspreads that cover a multitude of sins – no ironing before viewings, yay!
  • And finally, when you have painted and tidied and freshened linen and cushions, give everywhere a good clean. Put simply, dirty houses don’t sell. Pay particular attention to smells, high traffic areas and any rooms you don’t use very much which gather dust.

If all this sounds like hard work, it is! But it definitely pays off. We have lots of stories of homes being on the market for months, deciding eventually to enlist our professional help to advise on presentation, making some simple changes like those above and securing a sale almost immediately without changing the asking price. Do what you have time to do for yourself and if you find you need an extra magic touch, ask Howkins & Harrison to put you in touch with us. Our initial consultation is free of charge, and we often simply give vendors a few hints and tips on how to get their homes ready for sale.