A question we get asked a lot! We professionally present houses ready for sale…still don’t understand? We do what is known in the USA as ‘home-staging’, however, we offer much, much more than simply staging your home. Here are the basics:

The property market has been a buyer’s market for several years now which leads to those ready to purchase with the upper hand. Often they only want to invest their hard-earned cash in a property which looks as though it has been cared for, well maintained and is ready for them simply to move in to. Unfortunately, many of us don’t live in homes which routinely look like a high-end interiors magazine photo shoot. And yet buyers often have the expectation that this is what they would like to be able to buy with their money, a real case of the media feeding expectations. This is where professional presentation can make a dramatic difference to your sale.


We can help whether your property is about to come on to the market for the first time or has been on the market for a while and you’ve had no interest or nothing has come from the small number of viewings you have had. It is best to consider professional presentation before coming to the market at all but sometimes hindsight is a great thing!

If you do get stuck on the market many estate agents will prompt you to drop the asking price. There is usually an alternative and this is where we come in. Often houses don’t sell quickly because the potential buyers can’t see themselves in your home. There are many reasons for this and our considerable experience means we can often see where the problem lies and how it can be resolved. Your well-loved, family home may need a declutter so that another family can visualise as their own, you may have a mismatch of furniture jarring with the expensive price tag on your property, or there may be some repairs which have been overlooked. All these things often deter potential buyers.

Our team at Lemon and Lime Interiors offers a unique personalised service that focuses on achieving a high-end finished product with a quick sale very close to your initial asking price. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service throughout your journey, we completely understand how stressful the whole house-selling process can be whatever the reason for your sale. We create a luxurious finished look by taking care of any painting, decorating and maintenance work first then arranging each room to portray a lifestyle attractive to your potential buyer.

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How it all works

Elaine will meet you at your house and discuss how we can help you to sell your property by only making necessary changes (pop the kettle on, the magic happens when she is drinking coffee!). A report will then be sent out to you within 48 hours, this details all the recommendations as well as a quote for everything to be completed.

Once you are happy with the report we can get the ball rolling. This is usually a very quick process, we have been known to dress some properties within the same week. We don’t want to delay the sale of your property any longer than absolutely necessary so we get things done efficiently making sure the process is as smooth as possible.

Your property will be dressed by our lovely team and we will liaise with your agent and their professional photographer to take some new photographs in order to update your images on the online property portals.  Meadow Farm WEB Photographs-12

During the sale we will often speak with your estate agent to keep track of progress. Once you have accepted an offer, please let us know as we love to hear the good news! And, if we have rented you any furniture to complete your look, then we can arrange for collection before the new owners arrive.

If you also need help with your move then just let us know. We can assist with packing, arranging furniture removals and styling the rooms in your new home and even help you think through any major changes that you might be considering.


To find out more about how we can help you visit our website here: www.lemonandlimeinteriors.co.uk