Selling difficult houses, usually ones that have been stuck on the market for months, or in some cases years, is bread and butter for us! We love a challenge!
The first question to answer is ‘Why is the sale not happening?’

1. Location?
2. Poor marketing?
3. Too much clutter?
4. Too much work to be done?
5. Looks/smells awful on photos or for viewings?

We can help with everything but no 1, we haven’t yet picked up a property and moved it!

Our top tips for planning a re-marketing campaign on a ‘stuck’ house

• Get repairs done especially in the most obvious areas
• Re-decorate in a light neutral colour throughout
• De-clutter
• Arrange furniture and accessories to show off the fabulous lifestyle your buyer will enjoy in the house
• Clean, and clean again – everywhere!
• Get new professional photos done
• Engage a motivated agent – Fine and Country, of course!

See the case studies of some of our difficult homes on our website at Lemon and Lime Interiors