With summer just around the corner, more and more people will begin to look and book their summer escape. Britons typically spend 30 hours preparing for their summer holiday. We spend time reading reviews, searching for the best flight prices and looking for hotel deals. Once we have decided where to go more time is invested in making travel arrangements, shopping and packing. Many people invest more time, effort and energy into planning their holiday than they do in planning the sale of their major asset, their home.

Traditionally in the UK as soon as we think of selling we make a call to an estate agent or two who takes some photos, writes a brochure and loads the property onto the online portals. This may result in our home not looking at its very best for sale.


Preparing the home for sale may mean completing the repair jobs that have been on the agenda for weeks, upgrading key items of furniture which have become tatty or damaged along the way and painting tired walls. In recent times it has become possible to also hire the services of a professional homestager who will be able to give great advice about which jobs are worth spending a limited budget on before sale to achieve the maximum impact on your viewers and make the biggest difference to the speed of your sale. Small changes at this stage can make a dramatic impression on potential buyers.

Typically, Lemon and Lime aims to dress your property for photos and viewings within 3 days from start to finish, depending on its size. We can advise on properties from large country houses to small terraces and suggest a range of changes to make pre-sale for maximum impression on your buyers. We are very happy to be guided by your budget looking at the individual needs of the property, the areas which are most in need of help and the areas which will make the most difference to the potential buyer.  Lounge-After

Preparing for your holiday will mean you have a great time, preparing your house for marketing will mean you will get a great sale!


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