Whilst reading a news item about the Trump impeachment this week, I came across a list of old English words that have largely gone out of fashion in everyday speech. In amongst squizzle and chaddy, curflag and jirging and, of course, the link I had followed to pettifogging, I came across the verb ‘to scurryfunge’. What a lovely expression! And it is so perfect for anyone who has their home on the market.

The definition of ‘to scurryfunge’ is to rush around the house tidying in the time one sees a neighbour leaving their own house approaching your house! Apparently, it is a word that fell out of the English dictionary around 1882 but has recently been submitted for re-admission. I would certainly support that, with a slight amendment to the definition;

To scurryfunge – the act of rushing around the house shoving things into cupboards and under the beds in the hour between the estate agent phoning and the viewer arriving

Every vendor we work with will recognise the act if not the word. So, a few quick tips for your very own scurryfunge:

  1. Keep lidded boxes everywhere the family dumps their belongings, small boxes for keys and loose change, bigger ones for clothes and smelly shoes
  2. Put everything from the kitchen worksurfaces into a cupboard. Only keep out pretty oil bottles, the coffee machine and an open recipe book on a wire stand
  3. Keep a ‘bathroom box’ containing clean white towels, luxury brand hand soap and lotion and a faux orchid. Swap these items for the damp towels from the floor, personal toiletries and cleaning products in your scurryfunge hour
  4. Keep a bedroom box with a heavy white cotton bedspread, cushions and a throw to create the instant version of hotel bedroom chic. The empty box can be used for your bedroom clutter
  5. Store all hastily filled lidded boxes in the bottom of the wardrobes, the garage, or if you have run out of space, in the back of the car and park around the corner so your viewers don’t notice
  6. Open all the windows ahead of your viewings even if just for ten minutes. Even in winter. Let in some fresh air, nothing makes a house smell fresh more quickly than letting the outside in
  7. Find a fresh-smelling luxurious diffuser and pop one on each floor of the house, a consistent smell is like a consistent colour theme, very calming


Good luck! And if you need help at the earlier stages of your de-cluttering and preparation for sale, please get in touch with us on 01332 987740 hello@lemonandlimeinteriors.co.uk.