When getting a house ready for sale vendors often forget one of the most important senses, smell! Let’s face it, after years of living in your house you’ve probably become used to the smell whether it’s good or bad. Ask a close friend to be completely honest with you and tell you if they can smell dog, damp, smoke or anything else that is less than pleasant when they come to your home.

Bad smells are one of the single biggest turn offs for prospective buyers! Don’t try and mask the smell with heavy sprays, fix the source of the smell by cleaning bins and drains, opening windows and washing bedding. See our guide for eliminating the top causes of bad smells below:

Top tips for eliminating bad smells

  • If you are a smoker, place bowls of vinegar around the house and leave out for three days. Although the vinegar will smell strong, when you open the windows it will disappear quickly taking away most of the stale cigarette smell out with it. Removing any furniture that has the smell of cigarette embedded will help this
  • Pet odor can usually be eliminated by using a local carpet and upholstery cleaning service to clean carpets and furniture
  • If your house smells of damp and you haven’t been able to address this for any reason, then leaving a bowl of clean cat litter on top of a cupboard close to the source will help. Cat litter absorbs the damp air after a few days
  • Sadly, very often houses being sold as part of a deceased estate smell. Changing the carpets throughout is usually the best solution. The cost in doing so should be regarded as investment, it will significantly increase the saleability of the house
  • To tackle fridge odors, open a box of baking soda and pop it on a shelf or along the back. Change it annually and keep it away from vegetables since the sodium bicarbonate in the baking soda can cause leafy veggies to wilt quickly. Sodium bicarbonate has a unique chemical property that attracts and absorbs odors
  • If you do a lot of spicy or fried cooking, the smells can become ingrained in your cabinets, which you’ll need to wash with warm water and soap

Top tips for good smells

A good smell can make you property feel welcoming, use some of these age-old tips to help

  • Bake fresh bread and cakes
  • Brew some fresh coffee ready for viewings
  • Use gorgeous diffusers around the house. Using the same fragrance in all the main rooms will help viewers remember your home above any others they have seen.

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