Unusually for someone running a home staging business my degree is in Maths. I have had several careers, some using my degree and some not but having a brain which does numbers has always been useful. In home staging I have long maintained that concepts such as colour, spatial awareness and the ability to make a room beautiful are all mathematically based. More of that another time.

My brain collects numbers in a slightly geeky (borderline obsessive?) fashion. I started a spreadsheet recording details such as guide price, how long a property had been on the market prior to staging and how long it took to accept an offer post-staging from my very first staging project. I was just interested, I didn’t even know that home staging could be a business back then. The spreadsheet grew, and grew, and grew. My team dread me saying ‘how up to date is the home summary?’. They know that someone is for the high jump if a selling price has been forgotten or an agent not chased to provide details of a sale. The agents we work with are used to being hounded for as much information as we can glean.

But when a prospective client asks me to evidence the return on investment they can expect from our home staging service I can provide details. I can provide details filtered by postcode, property type, staging type and guide price. It is a hugely powerful sales tool and most clients are astonished that our data is so comprehensive. It has been instrumental in winning us many projects. I talk about numbers not cushions.

In the 21st century data in a business is gold. It’s what adds value to a business. Data is numbers not opinions, not testimonials and not beautiful photos. As a business our spreadsheet became clunky, it became too big to be easily manageable. Next we created a data dashboard linked to the spreadsheet. It was certainly the next step but wasn’t as easy to interpret as we needed. And so we engaged the services of a data app developer.

Stageflow is the result. It was developed to solve our own problem but it has a huge applicability in helping every home staging industry in the world, however big or small, to collect and evidence the success of their own projects. The reports it generates are simple and easy to understand. They are the reports we know prospective clients and partner agents or developers ask about when they are looking for ROI.  The app allows us to evidence just our own projects or to draw from a much wider, anonymised data set of all users.


It’s now ready for the wider market to help every home stager show their own success and the success of staging in general. Never again will the question ‘can you show me the return on investment I can expect from your service?’ be daunting. A tap on your phone, and there it is!

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