When preparing your house for sale, make sure your property looks its absolute best. Below we have shared some of our tips to make your home look attractive and other tips which may detract a buyer.

3 styling tricks to make your home look attractive to potential buyers

• Brighten it up
Consider how your lighting looks in each room. Your house needs to be bright and well lit for viewings which helps to demonstrate the true size of the space. Pull back curtains and open blinds to make most of the natural light but also, think about creating an ambience by using additional lamps which can be put on occasional tables around the room. We find big floor lamps work well for adding more light and also work as a great statement piece for a room.

• Create kerb appeal
Focus on improving your kerb appeal. Many potential viewers may drive by the property before coming for a viewing, you don’t want them to be put off before they have got through the front door. Make sure the front drive is neat and tidy, well swept and weed free. Keep your lawn in good order and mown regularly. Flowerbeds and borders should be tidy and weed free. Have your windows cleaned – this can sometimes be forgotten yet has a big impact on the look of the property. Check your front door is clean and give it a fresh lick of paint if it needs it. This is the first thing your potential buyers see as they walk into the house.

• Use a neutral palette
Try to keep the wall colours neutral. Darker shades can make rooms appear smaller. If you have a lot of existing dark wood furniture, instead of buying new, make it work with the rest of the room. Bring in some modern pieces to help pull the room together in an eclectic style. We have used this look across a number of properties and it has such a great effect without a major price tag.

3 things that can detract potential buyers

• Bad smells
Does your home smell of dogs, damp or cigarette smoke as soon as the front door is opened? We have to address all of these problems, an unpleasant smell will immediately put your potential buyers off. Get rid of any bad smells and then make your house smell inviting to buyers by brewing some fresh coffee or lighting a gorgeous candle. Removing any evidence of pets such as smelly dog beds will help to eliminate the odour. Use a carpet or upholstery cleaning service to clean the carpets and furniture.

• Clutter
Potential buyers will find it hard to look beyond the clutter. They want to see the space available and how their furniture will work in your house. A messy and chaotic space detracts from the house itself and causes some potential buyers to walk away as they can’t see what’s behind the clutter. Arm yourself with a black marker and boxes and put your items into three piles, skip, store, show. Don’t hang on to things you don’t need, starting this process early will give you a head start for when you move into your new home.

• Poor marketing
Once the staging has been completed, engage a motivated agent to sell your property. Do some research and talk to a number of different estate agents. Don’t base your choice simply on the highest valuation you get. Choose an agent with a proven track record and one whose marketing stands out. They should also be able to advise you on the profile of the likely buyer so that your presentation will appeal to the right audience.
Make sure your agent uses a professional photographer. Competition is tough and you want your property to stand out across all the marketing mediums. If you’ve gone to the trouble of making sure your presentation is perfect, you want your photographs to reflect that, with the aim of maximising the value.