Following our series of steps to help you prepare your home for the market, we are now thinking about the things you should do just before your photographer arrives. This is when it is particularly helpful to think of selling your home in the same way you would think of getting ready for a wedding…..


Yes again! In just the same way you shower every day because it helps you feel at your best, so should you clean your house every day it is on the market so that it feels fresh and ready for viewings at any time. The day of your photo shoot is the most important day in your marketing strategy, your photos are what will make buyers decide to view and potentially to offer you the figure you’re hoping for your major financial asset.

Fruit and flowers

Just as you would dress the venue for a wedding, dress your home for photos. Fresh flowers and fruit give a sense that the whole Dininghouse is fresh, they can bring brightness to a dark corner and lift a whole room. If you are having professional photos, and we strongly recommend that you do, your photographer will use your flowers and fruit for the all-important lifestyle shots.

Be your own photographer

The day before the professional photos are done, walk around your house and take photos of all the main rooms. Look at your photos on as big a screen as you can, on your PC or even on your television screen. What do you notice? Compare your photos with other houses near you in the same price bracket. Be honest, which would you buy?


Lifestyle shots are becoming increasingly important in selling homes. Many people have so little time these days that they want to move Dining 2in and get on with living a lifestyle they see in the magazines.

Go out for dinner

And the evening before your photographer arrives – go out! First of all you will be exhausted by this stage, but don’t worry, the hard work is done now and it will pay off. Secondly, you can’t risk un-arranging all your careful arranging by letting the family loose in the kitchen! They can wait until after the photographer has been to at least partially, reclaim their home. Don’t forget though, as soon as your house goes onto the market it ceases to be fully your home and becomes your major financial investment that is the key to your next step in life. Treat it as such and the time and energy you have devoted to getting looking amazing will be repaid in getting a quick sale for your maximum price.

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