When a property gets stuck on the market it is frustrating for everyone concerned. The homeowner feels that their life is in limbo, endlessly tidying up ready for non-existent viewers. The agent feels anxious, have I over-valued? Will I get sacked?

Then the home staging companies sweep in on the recommendation of a new agent….. a good agent these days will almost certainly want to look for other solutions before recommending a price drop. The market has changed significantly in the last few years with the advent of social media. Sites such as Instagram, Facebook and Houzz have led property buyers to believe that their fantasy home is out there if only they look hard enough, this in spite of all the evidence to the contrary on Rightmove and the other property portals!

Well, what can a home stager do that will help? Isn’t it just an American concept? Can’t viewers see past the marketing bluff created by posh cushions and a few beautiful flower arrangements? What are your options at this stage? How do the numbers stack up?

Drop the price

Original guide price                                         £750,000

Drop to next search bracket                        £50,000

% age drop                                                          6.7%

New guide price                                                £700,000

Time on the market                                        161 days

Likely accepted offer                                      £685,000

Selling price vs guide                                      91%


Dress the house              

Original guide                                                    £750,000

Cost of dressing                                                £7,500

% age cost of dressing                                    1%

Time on the market                                        44 days

Likely accepted offer                                      £735,000

Selling price vs guide                                      97%

(including dressing)


(Statistics taken from our 2018/2019 figures of lived-in properties which had been listed on the market before we dressed)


What would you do? If you want to chat more about the dressing option, and look at our many case studies please get in touch:

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