Recently we have been increasingly asked to supply furniture into empty properties coming on to the market. One of the most challenging things is when the agent feels that the property would benefit from being presented with furniture and the client is reluctant to spend any money on a house they are selling.

So what difference does furniture really make?2 Sitting Room1  Before[1]

  • Rooms look bigger, especially bedrooms. Viewers like to be able to see they can fit a double bed and wardrobes into the bedrooms
  • Viewers fall in love with the property before they notice any flaws. If you have no furniture in a house then you do really need to decorate throughout because every mark on the walls and carpets will be obvious
  • If you have a large house viewers will understand the flow of the rooms and how they can use the space to best advantage if it is well furnished

So how much does it cost?

A good rule of thumb to use is 1-3% of the house value. For a small house it is likely to be closer to 3% and the larger the property, the smaller the percentage of the sale value. When you rent furniture from Lemon and Lime Interiors we include everything you need to make your house look like a home again. We will source window dressings if you have moved out and taken them with you, or we will work with the colours in the window dressings you leave. We furnish and accessorise down to every last detail including using luxury brand toiletries in the bathrooms and putting up-to-date magazines in the sitting room.

headerThis is a real life example of costs for a property which had been on the market for 2 years unfurnished. We furnished it in February, the new interest generated was huge and the owner accepted an asking price offer in early May. We strongly recommend that furniture is left in until exchange of contracts has taken place. Occasionally this has made the difference between the property returning to market unfurnished or it being back on within hours of a sale falling through looking fabulous. The costs involved on the project above:

House value  £475,000

Furniture rental for 3 months  £3000

2 additional months rental whilst waiting for exchange of contracts  £800

Window dressing throughout the house  £2,500

Dressing cost  £1600

Delivery of furniture  £200

Total cost £8,100 (1.7% of sale value)

Compare this cost to that of the first drop your estate agent will suggest if your property doesn’t sell within a few weeks of coming to market and suddenly, as one agent said to me recently, ‘It’s a no-brainer’.