In light of recent events relating to COVID-19, we understand that this brings a lot of changes to our daily routine and many of us will be working from home for the weeks to come. This will be a big adjustment for some. Our team are already working remotely and we want to inspire others who may be in the same situation. Here are some top tips on how to create a perfect work set-up at home, no matter how big your space is!


  1. The location can lead to the most successful creation


Similar to finding the perfect location of your new home, the location of your home office is just as important. If you are fortunate to designate an entire room as an office, make sure it’s the right one! When working from home you are surrounded by many distractions so staying far away from your kids room or the kitchen is the key to a productive day. However, if you can’t spare an entire room, remember to position your working desk away from the ‘hot spots’ at your home to avoid any unnecessary noise.


  1. Your desk and chair are key to a good posture and creative flare

Working from home means you will spend a lot of time at the same place so making sure your chair and desk are comfortable is essential. A good chair may not be cheap but it is worth the investment! You don’t want to end up with a painful back after a couple of months- trust me! If you have the space, bigger desks are often better to work at as you can spread your documents and folders out. However, if you can only fit a smaller desk in your room, make sure it has plenty of draws so you can stay organised!

Remember, you don’t have to sacrifice style for the comfort. There are some great options available on the high street!

  1. Good light will make you bright

Good sufficient lighting is not only important for your eyes but it can also make your work easier. Some say that natural light cannot be replaced and yes, that’s true to some extent. You should try to position your desk close to a window not only for the adequate light but also for your mental state. A bright office is a friendly and productive office!

Don’t forget that lighting can be also a good styling accessory. Funky, retro desk lamps can add a little bit of character to your office space while still providing sufficient lighting at the same time.

  1. Decoration is a new motivation

Art, pictures, plants and other accessories can add charm to your home office, making it an inspirational place to work. But if you want to add a more personal touch, try to hang a white board above your desk. You can use it to write your notes on it or as a place for daily motivational quotes. This will serve as a purposeful decoration and it’s a perfect finish to your home office.

  1. Power is in the flowerA vase with fresh flowers will brighten your day and bring some life to your home office and it doesn’t need to cost a fortune. You can even cut a few blooms from your garden, it’s a great excuse to go out and get some fresh air for a few minutes in your a day!


Let’s be honest, many of us aren’t so fortunate to have a separate room, designated as an office space, especially those who didn’t expect to be working from home – we understand that! But you can create a suitable working area anywhere in your home. You simply need a table, a comfortable chair and good lighting. Looking for more inspiration? Check ‘home offices’ pictures of our team at How To Sell My House!