If you’re thinking of selling your house this year use this awful spell of wet and cold weather to prepare your property. Giving yourself plenty of time to do all those jobs you’ve never got round to doing is far better than rushing round at the last minute as you don’t want to waste any marketing time when the weather improves.

The garden can wait until it stops raining – concentrate on the inside and walk through your house with a critical eye imagining yourself as a visitor to the house for the very first time. Does it feel and look welcoming as you open the front door into the hall? Does it smell nice? Have unnecessary items piled up? Do you need to paint anywhere – if it’s a family house its bound to have suffered from some wear and tear in places. Go through each room being really honest with yourself – or if it helps, get a friend to help you.

Imagine how you will feel when your house is being marketed on the internet and the whole world can see into your home! You obviously want to feel proud of it when your nosy friends and neighbours have a look but most importantly you want it to sell for as much money as possible.

It can sometimes be helpful, when you are contemplating what to keep and what to chuck, to think about your next property. Don’t take anything to your next house that you don’t use in this one – it will only take up storage space again. So start clearing away the clutter and unwanted items now. It takes longer than you think to dispose of items if you’ve got to take items anywhere such as the charity shop or recycling, or both. Go through the attic and be ruthless – it’ll feel really good! If areas or rooms need painting and you aren’t keen on doing it yourself then you need plenty of time to get a decorator in. A coat of fresh paint in a nice light colour makes such a difference. Have carpets cleaned or replace them if its necessary. Good old fashioned cleaning works wonders too. If you have pets get rid of any smells – the smell of wet dogs or cat litter trays in a house will make most buyers run for the hills.

So when you’re wondering what to do on a cold and wet miserable day, get stuck into some decluttering or painting or tidying that overstuffed wardrobe………..or if you don’t want to do it yourself, just give us a call and we’d love to help.