Let’s put the cost of professionally staging your home for sale into context. The cost of employing a stager for a whole day is usually around £400. What else can £400 buy?

  • A Costa Cappucino for 153 days, so for 30 (and a bit) of your working weeks this year you could have a coffee every day
  • A nice meal with wine at a Jamie Oliver restaurant with 7 of your friends
  • 4/5ths of an iphone 6

group pic

Or a day’s professional staging of your home before you sell which could well be the difference between you selling quickly at your asking price or having to drop the price £20,000 in 2 month’s time. It’s not about interior design, it’s not about redecorating, it’s about making your home appealing to the largest number of potential buyers.

Of course the first three options are certainties and the third is gambling, ‘but will professional staging actually make any difference?’ Of course we can’t guarantee success but, this is what recent clients have said…

“You certainly did a great job as I have sold my house for the full asking price in 3 days of it hitting Rightmove and I have another 5 or 6 people who are desperate to view!!”

“What a brilliant concept – I wish I had known of you a year ago.”

“I liked the staging so much I am now considering staying in the house! Elaine made my money work for me and spent half the amount I would have.”

“Property sales statistics clearly show that well presented homes attract more potential buyers, sell faster and earn a better price. Professionally staged homes can sell for up to 10-15% more than the competition.” Mouseprice (UK) “http://www.mouseprice.com/info/articles/property-services/home-staging/

Can you afford not to? DSC_0041