The housing market has been uncertain for a long time now and leading in to 2019 it will continue to remain so until the Brexit outcome.

Our business is very closely aligned to what is happening in the housing market and one of the things we have noticed over the last 6 months is that the understanding and use of homestaging, by estate agents and vendors has increased. We predict this trend will continue to rise, anyone needing to sell their house in the current market, needs to ensure their property is the most attractive in its price bracket. There are fewer buyers around and competition for them is fierce. We find that many people don’t have the time, vision or energy to achieve the look of a professionally presented property themselves and more and more people are turning to homestaging businesses for help.

This recent UK trend reflects what has been the norm in property marketing in the USA and Australia for many years. Here in the UK we have been relatively slow to catch-up, but we believe the uncertainty in the market will contribute to the rise in this trend over the next 12 months as vendors compete for the serious buyers.

Elaine Penhaul