We have set up new ‘virtual’ services to help homeowners sell quickly once the Covid-19 pandemic has passed. Now is the perfect time to get your home in order now the country has gone into isolation.

At the moment there are more people than ever with time on their hands to browse on Rightmove for their new home. Viewings on the property portals have gone up 500 per cent since the country effectively went into lockdown. We are confident that there will be a rush in the property market once things settle again, there have been people waiting to move, in some cases, for several years now.

Now people are at home wondering how to keep occupied and looking at how they could make improvements to their homes, it is a good time to either learn how to get the best out of your home or make small improvements so it is ready once the pandemic passes. I am confident there will be a huge surge in the property market towards the latter half of the year.

Our virtual home staging service allows home sellers to take a high-resolution picture of an empty room and send it to us. We then virtually fill the room with an interior design scheme and luxury furnishings to make the property look lived in, which in turn, will help people to visualise themselves living in the property. Even better, all the furniture used is available to purchase so the whole scheme can be bought by whoever buys the house should they wish.

Our remote home staging service offers homeowners the chance to have a video call with one of our experienced home stagers to learn how to present their home to attract the most interest. Once any decluttering or rearranging has been done, the homeowner can take photos which can be professionally edited through Lemon and Lime ready to be uploaded to the property portals. Properties already on the market can improve their presentation and appeal in this way and it allows new properties to come to the market with the benefit of professional staging.

Home staging has been proven to help generate a faster sale for more money, in the year 2018/19 the occupied properties that we staged sold on average four times faster after staging.

We are offering this service because it means people can still get advice and a top-quality service, but they don’t have to leave their homes. We can guide people through how to dress their homes which will help them to get a quick sale for more money when they do come to put it on the market.

It is a fantastic opportunity to utilise the time spent at home over the next few weeks! For more information please get in touch – [email protected]