The recent coronavirus outbreak has created a large amount of worry and anxiety amongst people and it can affect different people in different ways. No one knows what is going to happen next, so we need to be proactive and get through this together. We have suggested a few ideas for you to keep calm and make the most of this time.


Adapt your daily routine

The way your day now pans out may be slightly different, so create a new plan right from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep to give your day structure. Schedule in coffee and cake breaks with whoever’s at home, challenge yourself to bake something new! I’m going to bake a lemon drizzle cake especially for today’s coffee and cake…I suppose I’ll send the team a picture so they can see how yummy it looks!! On Fridays, it’s perfectly acceptable to swap this to 5 o’clock wine break, as we will all be ready for wine by then!

Exercise can work wonders to clear your mind. We’ve taken up virtual yoga with Andra Health, so instead of giggling with each other during downward dog in the studio we’re having even more fun giggling in our own front room in front of a camera! Lots of gyms are now offering free trials so try something new, you might surprise yourself!


Keep connected

There are a number of phone apps available to help everyone keep connected during this time, although our boss, Elaine, seems to be doing the total opposite and disconnecting from everything and everyone as she’s really trying to use this time to get her first book finished!

You might not be able to go out and socialise but you can bring the party to you! Arrange a large group chat and create the social atmosphere you would have if you were out with your friends, try a pub quiz, that can be a lot of fun!

As a team, we have scheduled a daily Zoom call at 12pm. There’s no pub quizzes, but a lot of talk about pets, food and other halves!

Focus on you

Take time to do things for you. Maybe you have been wanting to finish reading a book for a while now but just can’t seem to find the time or maybe a Netflix series got you hooked but you never managed to finish it. Now’s a great time to finally get to the end of a series.

There are also lots of online courses available now at discounted prices so it’s a great time to invest in developing yourself in something you enjoy. Being Home Staging professionals, we have joined forces with the Home Staging Association to create The Home Staging Business Course Online’, everything you need to know to run a successful home staging business including the most important aspects, how to price your service and revenue streams. Check it out here!

Limit your news intake

Everywhere you turn you will hear about one thing and one thing only and it can become draining. Set a limit on how much media you listen to in a day, don’t overdo it. See Elaine’s blogLife under the Coronavirus – Day 4 to learn how she deals with the C-word in her office at home.

Search for articles which will make you chuckle, there are lots going around at the moment that will brighten your day. As a team we like to share the best ones on our Whatsapp group to keep up the morale, you will definitely get a flavour for everyone’s humour amongst the team!

And above all, Stay Safe, Stay Sane and Keep talking. We’re all in this together and we will come through it.